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There are nearly 120 monasteries on the territory of Bulgaria nestled in the most private parts of the mountains, surrounded with virgin nature. The story of each monastery is quite intriguing and full of heroic moments. This tour is not just a circuit of some of the most interesting Bulgarian monasteries. It is also a journey through Bulgaria s history, since all of the featured religious buildings are monuments to everything that happened in Bulgaria over the last 700 years or so.

Our Standard tour (8 days /7 nights) highlights:

The Boyana Church (UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, valuable murals from the 10th-11th and 13th century) and Dragalevski monastery.

♦ The 10th century AD Rila Monastery, the biggest and most spectacular in Bulgaria, one of Europe’s oldest and included in UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage List.

Rozhen Monastery - one of the few monasteries that is preserved ever since it was built in the middle ages

♦ The country’s second largest Bachkovo Monastery. Explore the treasures of the monastery with wondrous 17th century frescoes in the church and the refectory

♦ The Assumption Sokolski monastery with the famous stone fountain constructed by the master Kolyu Ficheto.

Dryanovo Monastery “St Archangel Michael” is situated in the gorge of Dryanovska River where limestone rocks rise high on all sides of the gorge as unapproachable forest walls and theKilifarevo Monastery - with “St. Dimitar” church built in 1840 by the great master Kolio Ficheto. It is richly decorated and there are very interesting wall paintings from 1718 which make the church an important cultural monument.

♦  Arbanasi village is famous for its massive houses that resemble minor fortresses, several monasteries and old churches.

♦ The Troyan Monastery - the third largest Bulgarian monastery the home of one of the holiest icons in Bulgarian Orthodoxy, the Three-Handed Virgin.

Bulgarian Monasteries tours are customizable guided cultural tours tailored upon request. Price may vary depending on the type of hotel accommodation, transportation and guide service. Special discounts apply for tour groups.