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In every traveler the World Heritage Sites will provoke a wealth of emotions and sincere admiration, not only by delicately revealing cultural and fine art masterpieces, but also including some of the Nature’s most beautiful and fragile creations.


7 Bulgarian cultural properties inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List


This tour represents an exclusive trip around such cultural properties of Bulgaria as Rila Monastery and Boyana church, Madara Horseman, Nesebar old town, the Rock-hewn Churches of Ivanovo, Kazanlak and Sveshtari Thracian Tombs - places inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List.


Day 1: Visit to the X century Boyana church (UNESCO site). Drive to Veliko Turnovo - the medieval Bulgarian capital.  In the evening enjoy the unique "Sound and light" show over the Tzarevetz hill.Boyana Chirch



Day 2: Veliko Turnovo city tour and tour of Arbanassi where you can see some of the most exquisite monuments of Bulgarian art in XIV-XVIII like "Nativity" church, "St's Archangels Michael and Gabriel" church, "Konstancialieva" house, etc. Drive to the Roman ruins of Nicopolis ad Istrum and then to the XII century Rock churches of Ivanovo (UNESCO site). Overnight in Ruse - once called Vienna on the Danube!


Day 3: Drive to The Thracian Tomb in Sveshtari (probably the Best ancient UNESCO site in Bulgaria and one of the best all over Europe) and then to Demir Baba Teke and the Roman town of Abritus. Finally drive to Varna and visit to Madara Horseman (one of the most popular Bulgarian monuments included in the World Register of UNESCO Historical Sites) on the way.


Varna - oldest Golden treasure in the world

Day 4: Varna city tour in the morning including the imposing Cathedral, the Archaeological museum - showing the oldest Golden treasure in the world, the mysterious "Panagia" church, the Roman baths, etc. Drive to Nessebar (UNESCO site). Old town tour.


Day 5: Departure to Plovdiv. On the way we will visit the famous Thracian tomb in Kazanlak (UNESCO site) and drive through the beautiful Valley of roses. The Renaissance town of Old Plovdiv tour in the afternoon, include “Balabanova" house, "Hindiliyan" house, the Roman amphitheater and the "St. Constantin and Helena" church.


Rila Monastery

Day 6: A great drive through the mystic Rodopi Mountain and visit to the Rila monastery (the most popular UNESCO site in Bulgaria) regarded as one of Bulgaria's most important cultural, historical and architectural monuments.



Day 7:  Sofia city tour. One of the oldest cities in Europe, the history of Serdica-Sredets-Sofia can be traced back some 7000 years


These tours are customizable guided cultural tours tailored upon request. Price may vary depending on the type of hotel accommodation, transportation and guide service. Special discounts apply for tour groups.