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The list of UNESCO World Heritage includes 962 sites in 157 countries, whose significance for the history of mankind requires their preservation for future generations. 745 of these  are of cultural importance, 188 - of natural and 29 - of combined importance. Bulgaria has a total of 11 sites listed by UNESCO, as 7 are cultural, 2 natural and two intangible. We ourselves believe that monuments, under UNESCO cannot be categorized. Each object has its own beauty, uniqueness and significance. At present, numerous archaeological sites await approval for this list, such as the Ancient Roman town of Ulpia Eskus


This perhaps, is the most fragrant, colourful and unforgettable journey one can experience - visiting the Valley of Roses. There you may take part in the rose-picking process. In the world's only Rose Museum, you will learn in details about the ancient traditions in the making of the rose remedy. You can visit the modern rose distilleries and try the unique products made from the Bulgarian Rose: oils, jam, rose-brandy, cosmetics. Moreover, the big Rose Festival, held annually in the town of Kazanlak, is a magnet for thousands of people from the country and abroad.


There are nearly 120 monasteries on the territory of Bulgaria nestled in the most private parts of the mountains, surrounded with virgin nature. The story of each monastery is quite intriguing and full of heroic moments. This tour is not just a circuit of some of the most interesting Bulgarian monasteries. It is also a journey through Bulgaria s history, since all of the featured religious buildings are monuments to everything that happened in Bulgaria over the last 700 years or so.


Charming Bulgaria will surprise you pleasantly with beautiful landscapes, delicious cuisine, hospitable people and interesting history. Bulgaria has existed for more than 13 centuries in Southeastern Europe. Bulgaria has unique combination of mountains and beaches, contemporary and in the same time old fashioned way of life with a Mediterranean flavor. A trip to Bulgaria will leave you with unforgettable experience and lifelong memories.